-Due to staffing issues related to COVID-19, I am not accepting new clients for cleaning services. Hopefully, I will be able to accept new clients soon. Thank you for supporting small businesses!-

Professional Organization

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a lack of organization? Reclaim your space and let Maids4U do the work for you!

Spaces We Service


Living Rooms * Dining Rooms * Kitchens * Home Offices * Playrooms * Bedrooms * Closets * Bathrooms * Linen Closets * Craft Rooms * Pantry * Storage Rooms * Laundry Rooms * Bonus Rooms * Finished Attics


Personal Needs Assessment (With Customer)
1 hour – $75

This fee is waived if the assessment is done over the phone; we will discuss the project(s) at hand and determine job requirements based on the number of hours needed/requested.

Organization Rate
$50/hour (4 hour minimum)

**We will work with you to organize your space and assist you in deciding which items you want to donate or discard**

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